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Key Notes:

Black Currant, Elemi, Jasmine Pearl, Lychee Martini, Myrrh, Tobacco



Waking up screaming, Dissonant score, Le Sacre du Printemps, Virginia Slim, Hysteria


As promised, dinner will be held at my mothers. It’s a large, pale room. Haphazard boxes stacked along the walls. You’ll notice the invitation feels slightly terrifying. I’m sorry about that! I’ll drape the boxes with a large attractive fabric; it’ll be divine. The table will have decorations from my travels. Small sculptures and catch-alls in muted palettes! Very pleasing. I may string them with little lights, what do you think? When you find your chair, you’ll see a flower I chose just for you. Most of them are cuts from mothers jasmine vines. The others are a surprise. 

Actually, this is a dinner meant to commemorate my dreams – I can’t remember all the details. But I made a special cocktail for the occasion! A delicate, lychee-gin thing. Actually it’s very strong. Drink it slowly. Please remember to have a meal early in the day, so you’re not too hungry but also not full up. Wear a flattering outfit. Can you show yourself as complex? Yes, you may keep your shoes on. I’ll be starting the evening with a question, to be asked and answered by your neighbors. “What do you desire, and how can you live with yourself as a result?”. It’ll be one hell of a party!



Drawing inspiration from a shared interest in psychoanalytic observation, eroticism, and individuation, the perfume evokes the abandoned theories of Sigmund Freud that opened the door to the subconscious world of seduction.

It echoes back to transgressive campaigns of the past, bad ideas, the tension of opposites, and the magnetism of these forces. The drive of fantasy and projection; scent holds the power of seduction.


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