Limited Release batch no 2


Top notes: Moroccan Neroli, Underripe Melon

Heart notes: Beach Ball accord, Toasted Seashells (Choya nakh), Violet Coppertone

Base notes: Ambergris, Driftwood, Vetiver


Find yourself in a sepia-toned memory of the full exhaustion after a perfect summer day. A type of grumpy that makes you feel like a little kid. You're happy it all happened, but sad for it to end, and you know the journey home will be a long one - whether it's 2 hours or 20 minutes.

Soon you realize time doesn't matter, you can relax.

Your skin smells like heat and sunscreen, you're packing away the leftover treats from the day (how did sand get in here? oh, I hate to toss this away. should fruit be sweating like that?). You start to feel a sun burn developing while your skin sticks to the beat-up leather interior of the car (god I wish this AC worked), you count new freckles on your knees at traffic lights. You have two choices: Carry on into the night delirious and sun-kissed with your friends, or go to bed at 7:30pm and have the best sleep you've had in months. Scent is the only thing we have to hold on to.


Holy Hell is like radiating heat from within. The knowing that an oppressively hot day is only as good as what you fill it with. Deep summer with a tint of nostalgia.