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Universal Flowering is a collection of dimensional fragrances designed by perfumer Courtney Rafuse.

Her fragrances are a romantic extension of her memories past and future, formulated with a synesthetic touch.

Known for collaborating with visual artists, fashion designers, and writers, her work has been featured and profiled in Nylon, Airmail, The Toronto Star, BBC Radio, & more.

Universal Flowering’s most recent perfume, “Death of a Ladies Man” was released in July 2023 - a voyeuristic tribute to the many lovers of Leonard Cohen. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario with her beloved Silken Windhound, Cosey.

All perfumes are formulated in her west end studio/lab.

In addition to Universal Flowering, Courtney is also available for freelance scent work. This includes candles, home/business fragrance, and other scented goods. Please email for inquiries.

Courtney is also 1/2 of GUMAMINA - a project launching in December 2023.

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for Claudia Deys bestselling novel: DAUGHTER

A Boundless & Radiant Aura
for DLVM 

Local Woman

for Local Woman

for Paraluman Flora

Bully Boy (Behind The Bush)
for Bully Boy Lingerie


Lucky Scent

100% Silk

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