Top Notes: Pink Peppermint, Papyrus

    Heart notes: Moroccan Rose, Clove

    Base notes: Amber, Castoreum


    Don’t you find her so romantic? Shes spicy, shes dreamy, she’s rose jam on vanilla silk and she’s your new best friend. 


    romance of the purely chemical, carnation milk spilled on a high pile rug, a sweeping glissando, white corded silk, the chewed edge of a styrofoam cup, chalky pink peppermints, nail varnish, crystal Pepsi, having your hair cut in space, papier d’armenie, a slight overbite, pencil shavings, mallow petals, rose petals, drooping valley lilies, opera drifting from a high balconette, glossy underside, dog-eared pages, synthetic ringlets, dust bunnies, ice sculptures, balled up kleenex, aniline purple, puffy stickers, prize winning angoras, the papered interior of a steamer trunk, conch, cellophane, psyche knot, Turkish delight, Christina’s World, sweat on the upper lip, city snow