There are a number of ways in which we adorn ourselves—clothing, cosmetics, jewelry—to establish our identity.  But in the same instance that self-expression sets us free, we are also limited by aesthetic experience and cultural knowledge. We are working with a set of signifiers that cannot be extricated from the meanings and associations that they’ve become tied to.


The creation of a custom scent may be the last medium where self-expression is not constrained by these pre-existing signifiers. Scent is often lauded for its evocative nature and its strong ties to memory, but it functions in a much more ephemeral and mysterious way. Certain notes may be distinguishable, but their associations vary from person to person—and as components are blended together, they transform each other.



The custom scent experience is both deeply personal and collaborative, and each of our interactions helps me to build and refine what will become your signature fragrance. We begin with an interview where I learn about your relationship to fragrance and the ideal qualities of your custom scent.


Over the following weeks, I will develop a scent based on our conversations, searching for the combination that will take these from individual components into an utterly singular blend that fulfills your deepest desires. Of course, scent changes on the skin, and as such, this initial blend should be worn thoughtfully. Once any necessary adjustments are made and the blend is complete, the scent is now yours and yours only—it will never be created for anyone else.