The international untracked shipping seems rather costly! Is there a way around this?

Yep! I have a catch all for international shipments as it truly does vary across the world. If your shipping costs less than the amount I have quoted, you will be reimbursed the difference. If you're interested in tracked shipping (free over $300), please contact me at for an accurate quote.

How do I best care for my perfumes?

By wearing them! Your perfume will age with oxidization and become more beautiful for it. The aging process is a gentle reminder that what we're using is an ever shifting thing, set to grow with us. Slight colour changes and scent deepening is all normal. Ideally, keep it out of direct blaring sunlight, or direct blaring heat. Maybe don't freeze it?

Why do the scents in your Sample Sales not make it into the collection?

When I do my instagram sample sales, it's because I have an influx of scent drafts that are simply too special to get rid of. As an independent perfumer, I am constantly working and reworking fragrances. Usually, the scents that end up in Sample Sales are riffs on an existing formula - therefore, too close to another for it to be part of the collection. Or, it's a draft of a scent that took an interesting turn, but ultimately not what I ended up going with. Sometimes, they are just interesting explorations that worked out really well. Additionally, they often are scents made using a small amount of an expensive or rare material that wouldn't be sustainable in a long term run.

What happened to my favorite perfume that used to be in the collection? I need more!

I can still make it! If a scent you love has been archived (i'm so sorry), please contact me and we will get you set up!

What are the concentrations of your formulas?

All of my perfumes are formulated to an Eau de Parfum, bordering Extrait concentration. This leaves the impact I prefer, and it should help you extend your bottle. Eau de Parfum doesn't need to be applied all over, and the scent performance is sufficient in 1-2 sprays.

Are your perfumes natural?

Elements of them are, and elements of my perfumes are lab-made molecules and aroma chemicals. Without those, my perfumes would lose their abstraction and dreamy edges. Naturals are vivid and beautiful, but solely using them (IMO) creates road blocks and lost opportunity. Synthesized molecules create a new type of expression and great bone structure. They allow me to build upon and beyond nature.

Are your perfumes unisex?

My perfumes don't know a gender. Only the body wearing it can decide if it suits them or not.

How do you apply perfume?

Apply at pulse points, and let air dry. You can pat your wrists together *gently* to distribute the scent, but aggressive rubbing is not necessary. Friction causes the molecules to break up and evaporate too quickly, causing you to miss the delicate development process of your scent. Your body warmth will do all the work, I promise. Wear on your skin for an intimate experience, and wear on your clothing for added longevity.

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