romance of the purely chemical, carnation milk spilled on a high pile rug, a sweeping glissando, white corded silk, the chewed edge of a styrofoam cup, chalky pink peppermints, nail varnish, crystal Pepsi, having your hair cut in space, papier d’armenie, a slight overbite, pencil shavings, mallow petals, rose petals, drooping valley lilies, opera drifting from a high balconette, glossy underside, dog-eared pages, synthetic ringlets, dust bunnies, ice sculptures, balled up kleenex, aniline purple, puffy stickers, prize winning angoras, the papered interior of a steamer trunk, conch, cellophane, psyche knot, Turkish delight, Christina’s World, sweat on the upper lip, city snow
pink peppermint.  papyrus.  rose.  
amber.  black currant.
80 / 15ml