An olfactory engraving of yourself; a unique formula never to be recreated for anyone else.
Custom perfumes make a romantic gift to yourself, or to someone you love enough. 

With this service I build a sincerely custom scent from the finest molecular elements & raw materials I can get my hands on.
Certain components in my library are used only for custom scents, as they are too rare or precious to use for larger batches.

A custom fragrance with me includes a short scent interview (typically conducted by e-mail or phone), followed by an appointment in my Toronto studio where I guide you through my library of essential oils, aroma chemicals, isolated molecules and enfleurage extracts.
We choose every essence that will compose your scent, and over the following weeks I formulate a trial blend for you to wear and get to know. If no adjustments are necessary, you are then provided with the final product. The end result is a composition that is uniquely you, never to be recreated for anyone else.
Custom perfume files are kept on hand, to be reblended for you at your request. The cost to replenish a custom scent is $125.

As intimate as the process is, I do allow up to three guests at a time. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 

Parfum in alcohol

Wednesday Jan 23 2019