The creation of a custom scent may be the last medium where self-expression is not constrained. Scent is often lauded for its evocative nature and its strong ties to memory, but it functions in a much more ephemeral and mysterious way. Certain notes may be distinguishable, but their associations vary from person to person—and as components are blended together, they transform each other.

The final result is singular, and becomes even more so when it hits the skin. In this sense, the custom scent is the last true form of self-expression. It externalizes the self in a way that no item of clothing or piece of jewelry could and transmits it out into the world. It leaves traces in a room in a way that even the physical self cannot. By its very nature, it remains mysterious, indecipherable, and exists in a realm beyond words—and bestows those same qualities upon the wearer.
Choosing to build a custom scent is not just about the bottle of perfume that you come away with—it’s an entire experience, and a way for you to make a connection with the fragrance. The creation of a custom scent also allows you access to my library of high-quality molecular elements and raw materials—as well as ingredients that aren’t available in my regular line of scents, as they are too rare or precious for use in larger batches.

The custom scent experience is both deeply personal and collaborative, and each of our interactions helps me to build and refine what will become your signature fragrance. We begin with a short interview conducted either by phone or e-mail, where I learn about your relationship to fragrance and the ideal qualities of your custom scent. I use what I learn to prepare for our next encounter.

While I accept clients located anywhere, a visit to my Toronto studio is the preferred way to meet. There, we will go through my library of essential oils, professional-grade aroma chemicals, isolated molecules and extracts together. Every component of your scent will be carefully chosen by us both during this time.

Over the following weeks, I will develop a scent based on our time together, searching for the combination that will take these from individual components into an utterly singular blend that fulfills your deepest desires. Of course, scent changes on the skin, and as such, this initial blend should be worn thoughtfully. Once any necessary adjustments are made and the blend is complete, you will be provided with a 30ml bottle of the final product. The scent is now yours and yours only—it will never be created for anyone else.

The formula for your signature scent is recorded and can be blended again at your request, either a 15ml bottle can be repurchased ($100), or a 30ml bottle. ($190). Please note, all sales of custom scents are final. 

600 / 30ml